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Group of Companies

Aditi Electric & Hardware

Mr. Dinkar Patil (a.k.a Mr. Patil) had founded Aditi Electric and Hardware on the 5th of September, 1980 in Islampur with the help of a loan under the State Government's 'Loan Scheme for the Educated Unemployed'. He stayed trading in Agriculture equipments, Electric motor pumpsets as well as PVC pipes of branded companies. Since then, for the past 36 years a credible identity is established amongst the farmers & agriculturists at the grassroots of Islampur & the nearby areas. Today we are established dealers of renowned brands like Texmo motor & pumpset; Finolex PVC Pipes; Jain Pipes & Cables; flour mills of Bhoomi Engineering and Unique Engineering companies etc. We offer assured supplies of these renowned products with full customer satisfaction.

Aditi Packing Industries, Vaishali Packing Industries, Omgurudev Packers.

In 1986, with a foresight of helping the farmers to facilitate safe transport of their produce to the market; Mr.Patil started a manufacturing unit of corrugated boxes under the name of 'Aditi Packing Industries'. Today with the help of 4 manufacturing branches, we are leading suppliers of quality corrugated boxes to renowned companies from Maharashtra & Karnataka like Emerson, Gokak Mills, Warna Milk, Rajaram Solvex, Deepak Fertilizers, Aditi Foods etc.

Mr. Patil's wife, Mrs. Mangal Patil (Vahini saheb) too keenly participates alongside Mr. Patil to oversee the day-to-day functioning of the company.

A notable mention our Mr.Patil would like to make is, the dobson of this company was laid in the presence of Hon. MLA Shri. Jayantrao Patil saheb. In 1990-91, Hon. Shri. Sriniwas bapu Patil too paid a courtesy visit to the company.

Walwa Taluka Shetakari Bhaajipala Kharedi, Vikri Wa Prakriya Sanstha Ltd.

In 1994, Walwa Taluka Shetkari Bhaajipala Kharedi, Vikri wa Prakriya Sanstha Ltd. was started to enable the farmers get fertilizers and seeds of appropriate quality at affordable prices. It was opened at the hands of Hon. Shri Jayantrao Patil. Today we are dealers to leading & renowned manufacturers of fertilizers & seeds; which include RCF (Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers), IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-operative Ltd., Mahabeej (Maharashtra State Seeds Corporation Ltd.), National Seeds Corporation Ltd., Indian Potash Ltd., Rama Krishi Rasayan, Ciromandel International Ltd., Shriram Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. etc. We are major distributors for all these above established companies.

Along with this, the company has been continuously distributing fertilizers & seeds to the farmers of Walwa, Shirala & Palus talukas through its vast network of more than 150 wholesalers, retailers & cooperative societies. The organization regularly conducts various initiatives such as, soil testing drives, educative rallies & seminars to help the farmers improve and enhance the texture of soil in their lands. In these seminars, the organization regularly emphasizes on the importance and benefits of Organic fertilizers as compared to the hazards & harm of Chemical Fertilizers.

This organization has received the following accolades :

Awards for Walwa Taluka

  • - 'Best Distributor' award for the year 2013-14 from RCF

  • - '2nd largest sales of fertilizers' award for the year 2015-16 from Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-op Society Ltd.

  • - 'Highest Sales in Kolhapur Division' award for the year 2015-16 from Indian Potash Ltd.

  • - 'Highest Sales in Maharashtra' award for the year 2016 by Rama Krishi Rasayan.

  • - 'Best Sales in Pune Division' award in the cooperative societies category for the year 2016 by Maharashtra State Seeds Corporation Ltd.

Today the organization is having a multi-crore rupees turnover and has earned a name for itself in the society, as a trustworthy organization for fertilizers & seeds.

Omgurudev Urban Credit Society

People from the business sector as well as the common man of today are required to avail loan facility from time to time, to fulfill their daily requirements & needs. Hence, with the purpose of facilitating the availability of small scale loans to the needy working class of our society as well as from the business sector; Omgurudev Urban Credit Society was established in 1996.

  • - At present, the credit society has 336 members.

  • - The credit society has deposits of more than 2.5 crore rupees.

  • - A daily collection of 50 thousand pygmies is made.

  • - The Society has been consistently earning 'Group A' audit.

  • - The credit society is known for quick availability of Small scale loans, LPG Connection loans, Vehicle loans etc.

Omgurudev Indane Gas

In 2002, Aditi Group of Industries started a new venture in the form of Omgurudev Indane Gas, a distributor at Taluka level for renowned oil giant, Indian Oil Corporation. The turnover today is in Crores of rupees & we are providing doorstep delivery service to more than our 18000 valued residential as well as more than 400 commercial customers in Walwa Taluka.

Awards for Omgurudev Indane Gas

  • 1. 'Maximum Gas Geyser Sales in Maharashtra' award for the financial year 2003-04.

  • 2. 'STAR DISTRIBUTOR' award for the year 2004-05 awarded by Indian Oil Corporation.

  • 3. The agency has received 'Best Distributor' award in the gas consumer service category for consecutive 7 years.

Global Agro Processing Magasvargiya CO-OP Ind Ltd

Newly incorporated & establishing co-operative industries, shall excessively devoted to enhance & boost co-operative sector within our area & shall be exclusively perform in same food processing segment.